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What a Gift: Tips for Showery-Flowery Spring By Leslie Vandever

   Ah, springtime! The last rotten snow from The Endless Winter is finally melting away as March’s lion-ish spring morphs into a showery-flowery April spring. Gray, sodden skies have turned blue. They’re dotted with white, fluffy … OK, gray-bottomed clouds (representing the “showers” part of the old rhyme). They scuttle from right to left, left to right across the horizon rushed along on a frigid—I meanbrisk—breeze. Robins are everywhere, singing their little fool heads off,amourin their hearts.

Why I Love Massage

I'm often asked during sessions or when I'm out and about how I came to be a massage therapist.  

Once a long while ago I received work from a young lady. She was younger than me at the time of our meeting. I found her to be so inspiring. The way she spoke - her light, her way of being. Each time I came home from a session with her I felt very different.

 Her work rumbled something in me. It tugged at me. It massaged the idea of how this very non traditional type of work could invoke such  happiness in another person.

Relieving Muscle and Back Pain at Work

Did you know that more than two-thirds (68%) of working Americans use a computer at work? As a result of the explosion of computers as a necessary tool for our communication and work environment, we are experiencing physical strain on the body. This is a result of improper ergonomics when it comes to the proper way to use a computer through our sitting, location of the keyboard and amount of breaks during the day.

Working at a computer can contribute to back, neck and shoulder pains, eyestrain and overuse injuries of the hands and wrists.

Aromatherapy Massage : It's Impact on Health

The term “aromatherapy massage” refers to a popular method of relaxation and healing following a set of effective massage techniques.  Tracing back time, ancient peoples made use of different types of natural oils extracted from the plants and herbs they believed assisted in healing.   It is well known today that this method promotes mental, physical, and emotional relief. The secret to the effectiveness of aromatherapy massage is due to the aroma of the different essential oils used.

Scrub, Nourish , Glow

It's  Spring time to get glowing there is no better way then with a salt scrub. Salt scrubs help to keep your skin clear of impurities and nourished. After a long bundled up Winter you wanna show off some skin. I know during the Winter my skin is very lack luster and drab. I am always slathering on lotions , creams and oils. What I learned awhile back is that a salt scrub will remove blah dead skin and reveal lush glowing skin worthy of some sun rays! 

Making and blending salt scrubs is what I do.

Stretch Stretch Stretch

Stretching is important. Many of us live sedentary lives. Commuting, sitting at a desk all day and then another long commute. By the time we get home many of us are feel achy just from a day on the job. Even if you don't work out or your not an athlete, stretching can still help you feel better. Stretching helps improve your flexibility, improve your blood flow and even improve your posture by lengthening  your muscles.  Stretching will keep your muscles and tendons healthy.

Ohhh La La Hot Stones

Say it with me ... hot stone therapy. Have you had it? It's delicious.  Stone massage is a form of therapy that offers tremendous results to the client. A technique that uses hot and cold stones to alleviate stress, melt away muscle tension and really allow the you to bliss out and relax.

Hot stone therapy can enjoyed with any massage modality  or as an add on to a session.  I am a huge fan of mixing hot rocks with aromatherapy.  By combining both to a session are you melting the muscle tension with the heat of the hot stone .

Well hello & welcome to be blissed.

Welcome to be blissed the blog.

I have plenty of thoughts. On wellness, on massage, on many many things. You will read about them here. 

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and check be blissed out and come back soon for a new and exciting post!

-michelle =)


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Scrub, Nourish , Glow


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