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Why I Love Massage

I'm often asked during sessions or when I'm out and about how I came to be a massage therapist.  

Once a long while ago I received work from a young lady. She was younger than me at the time of our meeting. I found her to be so inspiring. The way she spoke - her light, her way of being. Each time I came home from a session with her I felt very different.

 Her work rumbled something in me. It tugged at me. It massaged the idea of how this very non traditional type of work could invoke such  happiness in another person.

Aromatherapy Massage : It's Impact on Health

The term “aromatherapy massage” refers to a popular method of relaxation and healing following a set of effective massage techniques.  Tracing back time, ancient peoples made use of different types of natural oils extracted from the plants and herbs they believed assisted in healing.   It is well known today that this method promotes mental, physical, and emotional relief. The secret to the effectiveness of aromatherapy massage is due to the aroma of the different essential oils used.

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